Download & FAQ - VTOP AV202 USB Audio-Grabber



AV202-B Audio-Grabber is Driver Free Device. So there is no specific driver needed. What it need is only an suitable Application Software.

*On Windows OS, we choose to Audacity

*On MacOS we strongly suggest to use QuickTime Player as the default app. The Audacity for macOS is not always suggested unless official Audacity declares their latest version support your present macOS version.

Notice - Please connect AV202-B before running Audacity.
Hinweis - Bitte verbinden Sie AV202-B, bevor Sie Audacity ausführen.
Aviso - Conecte VTOP AV202-B antes de ejecutar Audacity.
Avis - S'il vous plaît connecter AV202-B avant d'exécuter Audacity.
注意 - 请务必先连接好 AV202-B,然后在打开Audacity.

注意 - Audacityを実行する前にAV202-Bを接続してください。


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