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PotPlayer Settings

PotPlayer Settings

To use PotPlayer, we have to go "Device Settings (Alt + D)" and "Recording Settings (Alt + C)" in advance.

Step 1 - Open PotPlayer
Make sure the USB-Video-Grabber is well recognised by the Computer.and Run Potplayer.

Step 2 - Fulfil the Device Settings
Tips - Alt + D is the short-cut to open Device Settings Window.
Open Device Settings.. by "Open" --> "Device Settings..."

Step 3 - Select Device

Video Capture Device
Device: VDC2018 (Model No.: VDC2018)
Audio: Use audio capture device

Audio capture device
Device: Microphone VDC2018 (Model No.: VDC2018)
Input: Master Volume

Step 4 - Start Video Playing-Back
Click "Open device" at the bottom of the Device Settings Window to Open

Step 5 - Recording video Settings
Tips - Alt + C is the Short-cut key.
Open Recording video Settings by click "Video" --> "Video recording" --> "Record video..."

 Step 6 - Video Recorder Settings
Notes - This step is very important. All of the Settings must be correct.

Step 7 - Starts Video Recording
Click "Start" to initiate video recording.

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