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FAQ - DriverGenius AVCB01 Why I can record video but can not preview it?

 Question Descriptions  - When I am using AVCB01 USB Video Grabber on Windows 10 (64-bit), I can not see the video from the Preview Panel. But it allows me to record the video from my Home VHS Tapes. How can it be? Is the device defective?  

To solve this kind of issue, Please download the DirectX Repair V3.8 from the following Cloud Disks. | OneDrive | Dropbox | GoogleDrive | 微云 |  百度云盘 | 

Then let's solve the issue step by step. 

1. Download the DirectX Repair Tool and unzip it.
2. Choose the Right Repair Tool.

3. Run Diect X Repair or DirectX_Repair_win8_win10 according to your system.
Go "Tool" --> "Option"

4. Click  “DX Acceleration” → →“Disable DirectDraw”→ “OK”

5. Click OK to start repair.
I can not preview Home VHS Video Tapes on my VHS to DVD 4.0

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Notice: If the given suggestions can not solve your issue, please send the following inforation to Manufactuer or the Seller

Simple Description of Your Issue - A simple description will help us understanding more easily;
Computer Model Number - Computer Model Number will help us understanding your PC's configuration.
OS Version - An exact OS Version Number will help us understanding the OS quickly;
VHS Machine Model Number - Most of the issue with AVCB01 is from the Connection and Driver Installation problems.

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