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FAQ - VTOP AVC03M-C-V2 How to Use the USB Video Grabber

VTOP AVC03M-C-V2 is a USB-Video-Capture Requires No Driver Installation. It adopts VHS to DVD V4.0 Application Software. We tested it on Windows 10 Pro v1803 - 17134.523 with satisfying result.

Since it's related to Media File Recording and Play-back, so we still have to pay attention to the following issues.

1. Codec file installation
2. Update the Windows 10 to the latest version
3. Install VHS to DVD v4.0 on your computer
    Note: Please Do Not mis-use the VHS to DVD software with other model no.
4. Make sure if your Windows Device Manager can read the VTOP AVC03M-C-V2
    VTOP AVC03M-C-V2 USB Video Grabber - Device Manager - Windows 10 v1903
    Note - At Device Manager, "AV TO USB2.0" must be indicated at "Sound,            video and game controllers.". Otherwise the USB Video Grabber has issues        itself.
5. Run VHS to DVD v4.0 and make the necessary Settings in advance

Video Device: AV TO USB2.0
Audio Device: 2-AV TO USB2.0
Format: According to your actual needs
Quality: Best
Video Recording Type: According to your actual needs
Output Folder: According to your actual needs (Strongly suggest the local location instead of the external USB Sotrage location.)

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