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FAQ - How to connect USB-Video-Grabber correctly?

We have to check the VHS device in advance before the connection. And make sure of that you have the necessary connectors / AV cables etc. This is very a helpful step to VHS converting. 

Reference Connection 1- Standard Composite (R,C,A) Signals Connection. We call it Composite cable (or RCA, Phono etc.)
连接参考 1 - 这个是最普通的连接方式,请确认手头已经准备好一条公/公的RCA视频线(有人叫莲花线,AV线)。音频接口(红色与白色线,组成左右声道)和视频接口(黄色)。

Standard RCA connections

Reference Connection 2 - S-Video plus Stereo R / L Audio Cable.
Please be noted that S-Video only transfers Video signals. Audio signals need additional R/L Stereo audio cable. 
- 带有S-VIDEO的设备需要单独购买一条S-VIDEO线和准备一条左右立体声的音频线。如果有RCA接口的情况先,我们不建议您实用S-VIDEO接口,毕竟要准备2条线。

Reference Connection 3- Some European VHS machine has SCART (Syndicat des Constructeursd' Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs) Interface, so here need additional SCAR-RCA Connector.
连接参考 3 - 此种连接方式在欧洲比较常见。需要用到SCART转RCA转接头。(SCART头,俗称扫把头。)

Reference Connection 4 - This connection occurs on most of the Camcorders. This requires 3.5mm AV Cable. Please refer to your Camcorder Manual.
连接参考4 - 此种连接方式多出现在手提式摄像机。视频接口为3.5转AV复合音视频线。对于此种连接方式,需要您认真参考说明书。

Reference Connection 5 - This is very rare connection. Only mono sound will be recorded
连接参考 5 - 此种连接方式非常少,只能录制单声道音频。

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