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DriverGenius XLR Ground Loop Noise Isolator - Single Channel Hum Eliminator, Metal

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DrivrGenius Professional XLR Noise Isolator carefully crafted for studio-grade performance, it ensures that every nuance of your audio is delivered with unmatched clarity and precision,pure Sound,No More Buzz.


  • Effectively eliminates ground loops,unwanted hums and buzzing sounds,ensuring a clean and noise-free audio signal in your setup. 
  • Break the ground loop audio interference,and it do not require external there're not additional components that could affect the audio signal. 
  • XLR isolators are designed to work with standard XLR connections commonly found in professional audio equipment,like microphones, mixers, audio interfaces, and other devices that use XLR connectors.
  • It designed to maintain the integrity of sound, providing clarity and precision in every detail,can experience studio-grade audio quality in your recordings or live performances. 
  • This Noise canceller features a user-friendly plug-and-play design. Simply connect it between your audio source and destination, and enjoy instant noise reduction without any hassle.


  • Experience the freedom of easy plug-and-play setup – no technical headaches, just instant noise reduction for cleaner, more professional sound.
  • Whether you're a recording enthusiast, live performer, or audio professional, our isolator is your go-to tool for maintaining optimal audio integrity across various setups.
  • Experience with our Single-Track XLR Audio Isolator eliminating interference, achieving studio quality with XLR-equipped devices such as microphones, mixers, and audio interfaces.

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