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DriverGenius USB to RS-232 Adapter with 9 x Activity Monitoring LEDs for Windows 11 & macOS 14 (USB232A-E-A)

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DriverGenius USB232A-E-A USB to Serial Adapter with 9 x LEDs
- Bridge the Gap for PLC Starters & Professionals with Reliable Performance

The DriverGenius USB232A-E USB RS-232 Adapter is the successor to the USB232A-B. The USB232A-E USB to serial adapter provides a reliable and versatile solution for effortlessly connecting RS-232 devices to your computer or laptop through a USB port. Engineered to meet the demands of professionals across diverse industries like Industrial Automation, Telecommunications, and Computer Diagnostics, it ensures uninterrupted RS-232 connectivity with a wide range of devices including Modems, Barcode Scanners, and Industrial Equipment.

The standout feature of the USB232A-E is its advanced LED Activity Monitoring System. Equipped with 9 LEDs, this adapter provides clear visual feedback on the status of your RS-232 connections. Each LED corresponds to a specific signal pin, allowing for quick and easy identification of communication issues. Whether you're transmitting or receiving data, the LED indicators keep you informed, ensuring efficient and error-free communication.

The USB232A-E supports high-speed data transfer rates of up to 921.6 Kbps, ensuring fast and reliable communication between your computer and RS-232 devices. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Additionally, its compact and lightweight design makes it a portable solution, ideal for professionals on the go.Power is conveniently supplied through the USB port, eliminating the need for external power sources and simplifying setup and operation. The adapter's sturdy build and reliable performance make it a dependable tool for demanding professional environments, while its user-friendly design makes it accessible for entry-level users seeking to explore the world of RS-232 connectivity.


■ Perfect for IT Administrators looking to add legacy functionality to newer notebooks, PCs and servers that lack an integrated RS232 port.
■ Connect, monitor and control industrial/automotive sensors and equipment.
■ Connect bar code scanners, receipt printers and other point of sale devices.
■ Connect a satellite receiver, serial modem, or PDA with serial sync.
■ Connect and program LED & Digital signage boards with serial communication ports.


■ USB to Straight-Through RS232 Serial Adapter.
■ Supports data transfer rates of up to 920kpbs.
■ COM Port assignments maintained across reboot.
■ Powered by an available USB port - no external power adapter required.
■ Provides dual buffers for upstream and downstream data transfer.
■ Supports remote wake up and power management control.
■ Supports automatic handshake mode.
■ EAN: 5060955720120 | USB232A-E-C USB-C Serial Adapter - EAN: 5060955720366 |

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