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DriverGenius NT50-EU | USB 2.0 Extender Over Ethernet via Cat5e/Cat6 (50M) - EU Power

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The DriverGenius NT50 USB 2.0 Over Etehrnet Extender is combines a USB Transmitter Device (which connect to your computer or mac) and a USB Receiver Device. It lets you extend USB 2.0 devices over Cat 5e or Cat6 cable at distances of upto 50M away from your computer. It supports for data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps, Plug-and-Play and hot-swap compatible, and is also backwards compatible with USB 1.x devices.

Purchase Guidance

  • Please Do Use Standard Qualified CAT 5e CAT6 Ethernet Cable.
  • Please Connect The NT50(USB Over Ethernet Extender) directly to Computer.
  • Doesn't support to link any Network Router or Ethernet Switcher.
  • Doesn't Support 1080P Webcam
  • Doesn't Connect an External USB Hub

It can be used a versatile signal extender for most of the USB 2.0 / USB1.1 devices at Home, Office, Classroom, Show, Scientific Study, USB Music Mixer, Remote USB Power On and many other environments. Ideal to Extend USB Peripheral connecitons between romms to a base untit without replying on WIFI connection Such as 720P USB Webcam, USB Printer,interactive Projector,MIDI Controller, CCTV Recorder...


  • Extend a USB 2.0 device up to 50m away from the computer over a single Cat5e Cat6 ethernet cable
  • Connect USB devices with up to 480Mbps of bandwidth and the full 500mA of power for improved speed, compatibility and reliability
  • Eliminates the need to cascade expensive, inflexible and space consuming USB hubs or repeaters for USB range extension
  • Can be used in Office, Home, industrial control, classroom, for video conference, surveillance system, video production, entertaiment.....


  • Workspace Control - Extend your USB 2.0 Web Device connections (Printer, Scanner, interactive Projector…) up to 50 away from computer over Cat5e or Cat6 cable

  • Security Control - USB2.0 signal port RJ45 Extender is ideal to bridge the distance between the host computer and a CCTV Control Room or video confernce room

  • USB MIDI Mixer Control - Easy way to solve your audio issues and extend your auido signal from midi music controller synthesizer to computer or mac via Cat5e, Cat6 Cable
  • Industry Control - For industrial control environments where the host computer must be located away from interference or contamination


Quick Installation Guide

Driver and Manual Download
●VTOP NT50 FAQ (Updating)
Watch Online Video | Youtube


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