Manuale utente di QuickTime Player per macOS Big Sur

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Manuale Utente di QuickTime Player

Scegli File > Nuova registrazione audio.

  • Per modificare le impostazioni di registrazione, fai clic sulla freccia accanto al pulsante Registra. Successivamente scegli il microfono e la qualità di registrazione.
  • Per monitorare l'audio durante la registrazione, usa il cursore del volume.
  • Fai clic sul pulsante Registra      per avviare la registrazione. Fai nuovamente clic per interrompere la registrazione.

Notice - Mac has M1 & Intel architecture model now. Macs powered by Apple silicon, such as the M1 MacBook Pro, can run both iOS apps and Mac apps, but they can also run x86-64 software that's been built to work on Intel architecture, thanks to something called Rosetta 2.

Step 1 - Hardware checking on your macOS

Notice - To use Audacity on your macOS, always to make sure the USB-Audio-Grabber is plugged on your mac's USB port, and Audacity software is not open.

Step 2 -Open Audacity & make necessary Settings.

Make sure your hardware is fine, then we need to configurate the Audacity before using it recording audio. Click "Audacity" ---> "Preference"

2 - 1 Devices settings

Select "Devices" and make proper settings for "Playback" & "Recording / Device:". Here USB PnP Audio Device is the correct setting.

2 -2 Recording settings

At Recording please do choose "Software Playthrough of input", otherwise you can not hear the audio while recording.

3 - Start Recording

After the correct settings, you can find MIC Source, Stereo Recording, Built-in Output are well selected.

Now we just click the Red Record button (  )to start audio recording.