DriverGenius VDC2021 - I can not get the VHS to DVD work out. How should I do?

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Usually when we meet similar issue, DriverGenius suggests to check the "Hardware Verification" instead of "Hardware Connection"

Steps 1 - Check if your computer reads the VDC2021. 
                Windows OS - Device Manager
                macOS - USB Tree

If your computer can find VDC2021 as a Hardware, then let's do the Step 2. Otherwise, please check the USB Interface on your computer. DriverGenius suggests USB2.0 Port without any USB Docking or Hub.Esp. When you are using USB-A to C Converter. 

Step 2 - Check the "Hardware Connection". DriverGenius whill help you out the Hardware Connection if you still believe Your Connection is alright. However we need your help by sending the following information.

a. VHS devices Model No.
b. Your Connection Photo is highly appreciated.


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