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FAQ - DriverGenius UM02 USB Fax Modem

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Frequently Asked Questions

■ How do I know my UM02 hardware is fine?

■ Both my modem and my Internet service provider (ISP) support dial-up connections of 56 kilobits per second (Kbps), but I rarely connect at even half that speed.

Advertised modem speeds are rarely achieved under real-world conditions, so it's unlikely you'll ever connect at speeds close to 56 Kbps when using a 56 Kbps modem. But if your modem speed is slower than usual, you may have a problem with poor phone line conditions. Try hanging up and dialing again. You might also try dialing an alternate access number, if your ISP offers multiple numbers you can dial from your area. If your modem connects at a faster speed when you redial, then the modem did not cause the initial slowdown. It was probably due to a noisy line or other line problems. If the line problems continue, contact your phone company.

Also make sure that you and your ISP are using the same 56 Kbps protocols. A 56 Kbps connection requires the computers on both ends to have 56 Kbps modems, and they both must use the same kind of 56 Kbps technology (V.90, V.92, or another protocol).

Why I cannot install driver for Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10?

By default, the drivers for the UM02 are included in Windows 8 and 8.1/ Windows 10. When you plug the adapter into your Windows system, wait a few minutes while the driver is installed. When the driver is installed, the USB modem appears under Modems in Device Manager. If the driver is not successfully installed, you can manually install the driver.

The UM02 appears as the Connexant USB CX93010 ACF Modem.

My modem appears to be getting a dial tone and dialing correctly, but it either can’t establish an Internet connection or keeps disconnecting.

First to Verify the UM02 is properly installed.

1. Windows Users: Go Device Manager - Connexant USB CX93010 ACF Modem.

2. MacOS X Users: About this Mac --> System Report…  --> USB --> USB Hi-Speed Bus --> USB Modem. If you find the USB Modem from System Report, this means the Modem works fine.

Then the problem may not be with your modem, but with your Internet service provider (ISP), phone line, or another issue. Try the following:

  1. Make sure that you are dialing the correct number, including any required access numbers (such as 9), and that the number is not busy.
  2. If your connection was idle for a period of time, your ISP might have disconnected you. Try connecting again.
  3. If someone picked up the phone while you were online, you might have been automatically disconnected. Try connecting again.
  4. If you have call waiting, try disabling it, and then try the connection again.
  5. Contact your telephone company to verify the quality of your line.

More of the other supports by Operation System Suppliers.

Windows issues :
Mac OS X issues :

■  VTOP UM02 Windows Caller ID Support Testing
■  VTOP UM02 Windows 8 モデムのセットアップ確認

Insert a pause between numbers when dialing a modem. Use a comma after the number to insert a 1-second pause.

You need your modem to pause for some reason when dialing a number, use a comma (,) after the number to insert a 1-second pause. This gives the phone enough time to establish a connection with an outside line.

1. Some telephone lines requires "9" as initial dial-up number. If he / she need dial-up a telephone number 123456, then the right format is: 


2. Most of the telephone can dial-up directly to outside world, then just use 123456 as the telephone number.


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