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Download - AV202 USB Audio-Grabber

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1. Windows User - Download latest Audacity

Please download the latest version from official Audacity website.

2. MacOS User - QuickTime Player

Since macOS has its own Video and Audio Recorder - QuickTime Player. We suggest to use it as default Audio-Grabber app. Because the classic Audacity need time to catch up the macOS's updating. They will be time lagging for the updating.

Option App - Audacity for macOS user

 Quick User Guide to macOS users (Audacity)

Audacity Online Manual

■ English Manual - Official Audacity
■ Deutsch Handbücher - Official Audacity
■ Español Manuales - Official Audacity
■ Français Manuels - Official Audacity
■ Italiano Istruzioni - Official Audacity
■ 中文说明书 - Audacity官网

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