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Audio Device

  • novembre 4, 2022

    Fritzbox with DriverGenius U2RJ45-A/C

    Question Driver download via the QR code on the packaging. Windows 11 with latest updates does not recognize the hardware by itself via Plug & Play. After installing the driver, I connected my laptop to Fritzbox via the cable -...

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  • juillet 21, 2022

    HD00006 / HD00009 Does not Work on PC Windows

    HD00006 / HD00009 USB video adapter uses a DisplayLink family chipset. If you’re connecting this device to a computer along with additional USB video adapters or docking stations, please avoid using devices with a  Trigger or Fresco family chipset. If...

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  • juin 1, 2022

    How do I use DriverGenius AV202-B?

    DriverGenius AV202-B USB Audio Interface Recorder is compatible with most of the major OS without installing additional driver. The only thing is download Audio Recorder App, we suggest to use Audacity Please use the following steps to start your DIY...

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  • août 25, 2021

    How to use U2AUDIO7-1 on TX-SR604

    Question - I Am Trying To Connect My 7.1. Speakers Up To My Dell Optiplex 9020 Mtw.  Using A 3.5 That Was In My Old Computer, With 2 Rca's Going Into My Onkyo Reciever.. I Am Not Getting Sound, A Blue...

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  • décembre 7, 2020

    U2AUDIO7-1 on Windows 10

    What are the instructions for getting it to work with Win10? with 5.1 channels - when it's doesn't plug and play Reply - The U2AUDIO7-1 does works on Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit). In order to performe full function, the U2AUDIO7-1...

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  • septembre 9, 2020

    Install Multimedia Codecs Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    To use Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1 External 7.1 Sound Box, you have to get codec installed & updated on your Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Enabling Package Repositories First, you have to make sure that the official main, restricted, universe and multiverse repositories are...

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