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How to use U2AUDIO7-1 on TX-SR604

Question - I Am Trying To Connect My 7.1. Speakers Up To My Dell Optiplex 9020 Mtw.  Using A 3.5 That Was In My Old Computer, With 2 Rca's Going Into My Onkyo Reciever.. I Am Not Getting Sound, A Blue Light Is Flashing, But No Sound.


1. Pls install the Application Software according the installation guide.  

2. Settings Reference -
■ Driver Installation and Hardware Verfication
■ Correct Connection & Settings
■ Why Can Not Get 7.1 / 5.1 Out 

The ONKYO TX-SR604 is a audio receiver with 7.1 sound function. We need another Audio cable to link the U2AUDIO7-1 with TX-SR604. i.e. 3.5mm to R/L Audio cable

We need 4 x 3.5mm to R/L cable to connect to (8) of the TX-SR604. (You can download TX-SR604's manual.)

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