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A capo is a small tool that clamps a barre across the strings of the guitar (the actual fret clamped is up to the guitarist) effectively raising the pitch of the instrument.

Capos are often used by guitarists to play songs in different keys. In situations where singers prefer to sing in G♭ or E♭, a guitarist can use a capo to allow for this, while still playing basic chords in open position.

If you play guitar, you should own a capo, no matter what style of music you play. Capos aren't just for beginner acoustic guitarists - blues legend Albert Collins routinely used a capo on his Telecaster.

How does it work?

A capo looks and works like a clamp. It needs to be positioned at a point on the fretboard and ‘clamped’ down. You will need to loosen the capo to move it up and down the fretboard until you reach your targeted fret and then close the capo to lock it in place. Once this is done, all the strings on that particular fret will be pressed down.

How to Use a Capo

  • Attach the capo as close to the metal fret as possible without causing buzzes when you hit the strings
  • Make sure the capo is tight enough that all open strings ring clearly
  • The capo-ed fret becomes your new nut

Capo Cautions

  • Make sure capo doesn't bend your strings when you clamp it on, as this will make your guitar sound out of tune
  • Capos can get in the way of your fretting hand - check to be sure whatever capo you choose doesn't interfere with your technique
  • Pay close attention to the points of contact between the capo and the guitar - you don't want your fretboard scratched

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which key to place it on?
    Answer: First try playing multiple keys in whatever position or way you want, to get the sound of it. For example, the chords G, A minor, B minor, C, D, E minor and F diminished can be played without using a capo. Hence you can play the G key with a capo on the fifth, seventh and tenth fret. But know that playing guitar with a capo this high on the neck can come off sounding a bit odd at first on most guitars.

  • What number is the fret right below the one I placed the capo on now?
    Answer: For capo placing, you have to act like the fret below where your capo is placed on the first fret. So even if your capo is originally placed on the 5th fret, the one below it is now fret 1. The capo wherever placed will be fret 0.
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