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Driver Download

■ EN Please Download and Install the given Driver before using it. The Driver is only for Windows 7 / 8 / 10, While for macOS users or Ubuntu users, there is no specific Driver. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


■ What Is a Codec and Why Do I Need It
■ Suggested Media Player(coming soon)


Installation & Settings

■ How to Use the DigitalLife U2AUDIO7-1

■ Why Can Not Get 7.1 / 5.1 Out - Instructions Download
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Fiber (SPDIF) Related

SPDIF Has No Audio
Why my macOS only gets 2.1 channel
■ Why SPDIF Output Only 2.1 Channels?
- The audio format of your source media may be uncompressed (lossless). Uncompressed surround sound audio is not supported by digital (S/PDIF) connections due to bandwidth limitations. When your lossless 5.1 or 7.1 audio content is sent through the Digital S/PDIF connection, data will be lost which can result in limited 2-channel audio playback. Uncompressed surround sound is universally incompatible with digital (S/PDIF) audio.

Digital (S/PDIF) audio supports
a. 2-channel PCM audio
b. Compressed surround sound audio (Dolby Digital, DD+, DTS, DTS-ES)

Digital (S/PDIF) audio does NOT support
a. More than 2-channels of PCM audio
b. Uncompressed surround sound audio (DD-TrueHD, DTS-Master Audio)

Playback of digital surround sound is dependent on a variety of factors, including the audio format of your source media, your playback software, and your audio receiver. Digital (S/PDIF) channel settings are managed by the source and playback devices, and cannot be manually configured like analog audio.


Audio Record

■ Why doesn’t my microphone seem to work or record?
- Most microphones or headsets on the market today house a TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) jack and the USB-AUDIO is designed to accommodate this. Mono or TS (Tip Sleeve) microphones will need a 3.5mm mono to stereo adapter installed in line in order to work converting TS to TRS (see image below for visual example). XLR microphones (even if adapted to 3.5mm TRS) will also not work.

 ■ Can I use this audio adapter for audio production/recording?
 USB audio adapters in general inherit about a 500ms delay/latency. You can offset this latency in your recording software or in post production, but is not recommended for live recording and broadcasting in a professional environment.

■ Can I use the USB-AUDIO output as well as the default output jack at the same time?
- No. Most operating systems support multiple audio outputs, but only allow a single one to be enabled at a time. So this manual step of selecting the right audio output from the operating system’s built-in audio control panel is essential.

■ It is plugged into my PC but I get no audio or I get sound out of my laptop speakers.
- An extra step is needed. After plugging in the USB-AUDIO, also ensure the audio adapter is set to be your primary playback- and recording device in your control panel or system preferences.

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