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UC10G60-100 USB C Cable 10Gbps - USB 3.1 Type-C Cable - 60W (3A) Power Delivery Charging - Charge & Sync

Prix d'origine $19.99 - Prix d'origine $19.99
Prix d'origine $19.99
$19.99 - $1,859.99
Prix actuel $19.99
Multiple Packing: 1 USB Type-C 10Gbps USB-C to C Data Transfer Cable

| USB C Cable 10Gbps | 60W (3A) Power Delivery | Does Not Support DP Alt Mode |

This USB 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps USB-C cable lets you connect your USB Type-C devices for syncing, charging and powering your devices. The cable is also compatible with TBT-3 ports, which means you can charge and sync your USB-C mobile devices using your Thunderbolt 3 laptop.

Power your USB-C devices
With up to 3A (60W) of power delivery, you can power a USB-C laptop, such as your Apple MacBook or Microsoft Surface Book. Simply connect the cable to your USB-C laptop and to a USB-C wall charger. You can use this USB Type-C cable to power your USB-C hard drive from the USB-C port on your laptop.

Charge your mobile devices
When used with devices that support PD 3.0, this cable charges up to 20V and 5A for a maximum of 100W. It can decrease your charge time and make sure your mobile devices are ready, whenever you need them.



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