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FAQ - DriverGenius HB093 CFExpress-B Card Reader

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1. Does the DrvierGenius HB093 Cfexpress Card Reader Works with my Camera or Device?

The DriverGenius HB093 supports CFexpress Type-B card reader. Make sure your device supports CFexpress Type-B cards for compatibility.

2. Which types of CFexpress Memory Cards are supported by DriverGenius HB093?

This card reader supports CFexpress Type-B cards, which is a common CFexpress card type used for high-resolution images and 4K/8K video files. Ensure that the CFexpress card you use is of Type-B specification for compatibility.

3. Is it Compatible with my Operating System (e.g., Windows, macOS, or Linux)?

Yes, the DriverGenius HB093 USB-C CFexpress Type-B Card Reader is cross-platform compatible and can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, making it versatile for different computer setups.

4. Are There Any Drivers or Software that Need to Be Installed?

The DriverGenius HB093 USB-C CFexpress Type-B Card Reader typically doesn't require additional driver or software installation. It should be automatically recognized and install the necessary drivers on most operating systems.

5. What is the Data Transfer Speed of DriverGenius HB093?

The DriverGenius HB093 supports theoretical transfer speed of up to 10Gbps, making it useful for handling large RAW images and 4K/8K video files. Actual speeds may vary depending on the brand and device used.

6. Does DriverGenius HB093 CFExpress-B Support a Reversible USB-C Interface?

Yes, The DrvierGenius HB093 features a reversible USB-C interface, allowing for easy connection without worrying about plugging it in the wrong way.

7. How is the Build Quality of This Product? Is It Durable and Sturdy?

The DriverGenius USB-C CFexpress B Card Reader is constructed with a sturdy design and effective heat dissipation to ensure durability and performance. It's carefully designed to meet the needs of professional users.

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