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FAQ - VTOP AVC03M-C-U Ubuntu USB Video Grabber

■ How to Install Multi-media Codec for Ubuntu
■ Why am I seeing Black lines when I try to record with VHS to DVD?
■ Why am I getting an incompatibility error with Direct X 9?
■ Why can’t I hear audio when I play back the video I just captured?
■ I am using S-Video and get no audio
■ How to Fix an Incorrect Audio/Video Sync?
■ What's the format of the recorded video file?
■ Why AVCB01 USB Video Grabber's LED are dead?
■ Why can't I get no audio since I fully plugged the Audio/Video jacks?

Notice: If the given suggestions can not solve your issue, please send the following inforation to Manufactuer or the Seller

■ Simple Description of Your Issue - A simple description will help us understanding more easily;
■ Computer Model Number - Computer Model Number will help us understanding your PC's configuration.
■ OS Version - An exact OS Version Number will help us understanding the OS quickly;
■ VHS Machine Model Number - Most of the issue with AVCB01 is from the Connection and Driver Installation problems.

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