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FAQ - DriverGenius AVCB01 Why can't I get no audio since I fully plugged the Audio/Video jacks?

Frequently the users will ask the similar question esp. on Dual Functioned VHS Machines i.e. (DVD + VCR). There is Video but no Audio. Most of the time this issue comes from the Connecting-VHS-Machine.

1. Make sure the VHS machine's Video Output is "VCR", instead of the only DVD. For example, in this sample, DVD/VCR OUT (VIDEO/AUDIO (Left/Right)) is the right connection.
2. The point of 1 also happens on S-Video Output Jack. (For example, there is only DVD Video Output.)
3. The S-Video only has Video Signals. So you must connect the Right Audio-Output Jacks. (Such as: S-Video + AUDIO OUT (Left/Right) (DVD OUT) is Wrong connection. Because the Audio signals is from DVD instead of VCR.)

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