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FAQ DigitalLife U2AUDIO7-1 How to Set the 7.1 Sound Card

The DigitalLife U2AUDIO7-1 Requires Driver Installation Before Using It.

I - Driver Installation on Windows 10

1. Download the Driver from the Download Page.
2. Unzip the Driver To Your Computer.
3. Connect the U2AUDIO7-1 via USB Cable.
4. Double-Click the Setup.exe.
5. Click Yes or No as per the Installation Guide.
6. Re-start the Computer.

II - Verify Driver Installation AT Device Manager

1. Connect the U2AUDIO7-1 With Your Computer.
2. Open Device Manager. You can see "USB Sound Device" at the Sound, video and game controllers.

III - Setting the U2AUDIO7-1

1. Click the U2AUDIO7-1 Audio Output and Effect.

 2. The Stereo Audio Output Settings.
Note - The Audio Channel Switching Takes a Little Time by Windows 10.

Please Make Sure of That System Input & Analog Output Must Be the Same Settings.

■ Why I Can Not Hear the 2.1 Sound
1. Check the Driver Installed Correctly at Device Manager.
2. Check if the VOL Mute Button Is Activated.

■ My Settings Are Alright, Why Can Not Get Stereo Sound from HEADPHONES jack.
Windows' Audio Setting Is Not Changed. Please Re-Start Your PC After Settings.

■ Check Media Player Disabled the Audio

■ The Media Player Selected the Wrong Output Sound Device.

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