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FAQ - DriverGenius CU200 | USB 3.0 Dual Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

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Windows OS

Windows 11 64-bit HLK/WHCK drivers ( Version - )
Windows 11 ARM 64-bit Driver (Version -
Windows 10 64-bit HLK/WHCK drivers ( Version - )
Windows 8.x 32-bit/64-bit HLK/WHCK drivers ( Version - )
Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit HLK/WHCK drivers ( Version - )
■ Windows XP & Vista 32-bit/64-bit drivers (Version -


Apple macOS 12 Drivers Installer (Version - 2.4.0)
For Intel and Apple silicon platforms

Apple macOS 11.3 to 11.6 Drivers Installer (Version - 1.3.0)
For Intel and Apple silicon platforms

Apple macOS 10.9 to 10.15 Drivers Installer (Version - 2.19.0)
For Intel 32-bit/64-bit platforms

Linux OS

Linux kernel 5.x/4.x/3.x/2.6.x Driver

Frequently Asked Questions

DriverGenius CU200 Bonding @ Debian OS
■ CU200 Does Not work with ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock 40AC0135CN
DriverGenius CU200 | @ Raspberry pi
■ Does it support link aggregation?
 Will this work with android devices like Nvidia Shield Tablet?
 Does this show up as two separate adapters in os x? looking to use use this for 802.11ad link aggregation to a switch.
 Does this do 9000 MTU?
 Can this device act like a USB powered 2 port switch?
 Does this work with Proxmox without custom kernel?
 Will this work with a sophos utm? linux based os for router.
 Will this show in the os as 2 difference nics? each with independent mac address, ip and 1gigabit speed? macos and linux compatible?
 Will this work through a usb3.0 hub?
 Is this product easy to use?
 Will this work on an Android Tablet with one micro usb port?
 Can the two channels be bonded together to give a higher LAN throughput?
 Can it act as a dual port and connect to a network tap for passive analysis?
 Will this work with a wired router?
 Are these port bridge together? or would they work like to different NIC?
 Can the 2 ethernet port work as 2 seperate ethernet nic with 2 different ip addresses ?
 Can this be used for Active/Backup configuration?
 Is this support on Linux devices?
 Would this work for my nas usb 3.0? my nas is ds218+
 Does this support link aggregation?
 Can you rout gigabit through it?
 Does the specs of the router bottleneck faster internet speeds? if I only have 75mbit internet, would i need the top spec router or can I go with the cheaper parts?
 Could you test it to be its own Pi-Hole server under docker?

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