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DriverGenius HDCAP012 Compatible Video Machines

Supported Video Machines Devices Comptabile With HDMI Output
Xbox360, PlayStation3 (Component Input Only), Wii (Component Composite Only)
VCR VHS (Composite / Component)
※ Only One Video Input Source Can Be Recorded.
※ Does Not Support HDCP Protected Video Sources.
※ It does not guarantee all operation.
※ May not be able to record normally on older game consoles.
Supported USB Devices

USB Memory and USB SSD (USB 2.0 / USB3.0)
Note: The HDD Might Not be Read If Power Supply is not sufficient.

Supported Formats FAT32・NTFS
※ The HDCAP012 does not Format Function. Please format the USB storage device in advance on your computer.
Max. Capacity < = 2TB
※ Only at Standalone Mode there is no need a computer.
※ Please make sure your recorded files are authorized by Copy-Right Holders.

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