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DriverGenius Slimline Gender Changer, DB9 - M/M

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DriverGenius RD232M2M Serial DB9 Gender Changer - M/M
- Convert a DB9 9-pin female connector into a DB9 9-pin male connector

Note - The VTOP RD232M2M is only a Gender Changer Instead of a Null Modem.

The DriverGenius RD232M2M-2 is a DB9 male to DB9 male gender changer. It converts a male cable or port into the female gender. On one DB9 male side is a hex nut and the other DB9 side is also a screw. The hex nut and screw can be removed for easy installation if necessary. This Slimline DB9 Gender Changer features two slimline DB9M connectors, offering a reliable, cost-saving way to convert a 9 pin female port to a 9 pin male port.


  • Available in all standard D-Sub connector sizes; male/male or female/female genders
  • Fully shielded to protect against EMI (electromagnetic interference)
  • Gold plated contacts provide reliable connections with repeated mating cycles
  • UL grade 94V-0 connector insulator satisfies flammability requirements
  • Wired straight through to pass signals through a panel or enclosure


  • Cable extension
  • D-Sub gender changing
  • Bulkhead/enclosure
  • RS-232

Driver & Manual Download

DriverGenius RD232M2M-2 FAQ
Crossover or "Null Modem" vs. Straight Through Serial Cable.
A Genge Changer or A Null Modem?
■ Do you sell Female/Female Serial Gender Charnger?

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