AVC05 - (Windows 10) Where is my recorded file

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Model No.: AVC05-V2

VHS to DVD programme can not record video files as mpg4 format. Can you help?


honestech VHS to DVD 4.0 SE is an official Commercial Video Catpure Application Software for Analog Video Capture Device. The max resolution is truly limited compared to present 1080p files.

It automatically creats MPEG format @ Level 2 (MPEG2). The details are as following:

However, it is a luck that AVC05-V2 also supports on Potplayer or OBS.

As for how to use VHS to DVD to record video. Let's take a look at the following instructions.

Step 1 - Connect Hardware with VHS mahine

Step 2- Run VHS to DVD & Open "Record Settings"

 Step 3 - Change Output Folder.

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