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How to Setup DriverGenius USB-Serial Adapter on Windows 10 Host to XP Guest - Virtual Box

Virtualbox running on a Win 10 64bit host with a XP SP3 32bit guest. On host i have installed a USB to serial adapter, i need to use this in Windows XP guest as well . Have been searching around a bit but haven't been able to find working/correct info on how to set it up.

Settings->Serial Ports->Port 1:
Enable Serial Port: 'Checked'
Port number: 'COM 1' (i have set it to COM 1 on host in Device Manager).
Port mode: 'Host pipe' ?
Connect to existing pipe/socket: ?
Path/Adress: ?

In Settings->USB:
Enable USB controller: 'Checked'
and i have added the usb to serial adapter to the list.

Reply from forum

USB devices can't be shared. Either the host owns it or the guest. So if you want the guest to have access "as well" then you delete all those USB settings you added to the guest, and you use the serial ports section ONLY.

Port mode should be "Host device",
Path/Address -  "COM8:" or whatever the port actually calls itself on your host. "Ports (COM & LPT)" branch of your host's device manager to get the actual port number.
It probably isn't COM1.
Leave all the other settings on defaults, including the port identity for the guest side, which should always be "COM1".

The serial dialog should look like the following, though probably with something other than "COM8" in the path/address field.


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