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Does DriverGenius U2RJ45-X Works with Moxa Terminal Server CN2610-16-2AC Console Port?

DriverGenius U2RJ45-A or U2RJ45-C were designed for Cisco and HP Terminal Server Console Port. Cisco and HP doesn’t have DCD (Data Carrier Detect) on the console port.

Moxa NPort serial server connects to serial devices to Ethernet. The table below is the pinout to connect your Moxa NPort device to Cisco console for remote network access via the serial port.

Moxa Pin Colour Moxa NPort Signal Cisco Pin Cisco Console Signal
1 White/Green DSR 2 Not Used
2 Green RTS 1 DTR
3 White/Orange GND 4 TxD
4 Blue TxD 6 GND
5 White/Blue RxD5 3 GND
6 Orange DCD 5 RxD
7 White/Brown CTS 7 DSR
8 Brown DTR 8 Not Used


RJ-45 Pin 1 location
RJ45 Pin 1 Location

  RS-232 Reference Signals

Abbreviation Name Description
DTR Data Terminal Ready DTE is ready to receive, initiate, or continue a call.
DCD Data Carrier Detect DCE is receiving a carrier from a remote DCE.
DSR Data Set Ready DCE is ready to receive commands or data.
RI Ring Indicator DCE has detected an incoming ring signal on the telephone line.
RTS Request To Send DTE requests the DCE prepare to transmit data.
RTR Ready To Receive DTE is ready to receive data from DCE. If in use, RTS is assumed to be always asserted.
CTS Clear To Send DCE is ready to accept data from the DTE.
TxD Transmitted Data Carries data from DTE to DCE.
RxD Received Data Carries data from DCE to DTE.
GND Common Ground Zero voltage reference for all of the above.
PG Protective Ground Connected to chassis ground.

RS-232 Voltage Levels

Data circuits  DC Voltage
Space – Binary 0 +3 to +15 V
Mark – Binary 1 -15 to -3 V


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