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DriverGenius U2AUDIO7-1 External 7.1 Sound Card

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The DriverGenius U2AUDIO7-1 is a hardware based external 7.1 Sound Card, which works on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 with the given application software. The merits of the U2AUDIO7-1 are:
Works with Headphone ( Stereo, 3.5mm 3-position headphone or earphone)
Works with 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 speakers (3.5mm 3-position audio jack)
Works with S/PDIF (2.1) stereo speakers


I. Download (Manual & Driver)

■ Only for Windows 7 / 8 / 10, While for macOS or Ubuntu OS, there are no specific Drivers. [此驱动仅支持Windows 10 / 8 / 7操作系统。]

U2AUDIO7-1 Driver for Windows - V2.0  | 7.1 Audio Sample Download |

II. Frequently Asked Questions

Back Ground Knowledge (背景知识)

■ What Is a Codec and Why Do I Need It
■ Suggested Media Player( VLC for Windows OS)
■ Media file checking tool for Windows OS - MediaInfo


Button Control (按键操作)

■ Notice - The buttons control only 3.5mm audio jack outputs / inputs sound effects. (Vol + / Vol - , MIC Mute, Vol Mute). The S/PDIF is a pass-through design, so the audio (Vol + / Vol - )  via S/PDIF can only be controlled on your PC's audio settings.


Installation & Settings (驱动安装与设置)

Driver Installation and Hardware Verfication
Correct Connection & Settings
Why Can Not Get 7.1 / 5.1 Out


S/PDIF Related (光纤输入输出)

S/PDIF Output


Audio Record (音频录制)

The Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1 External Sound Card also supports MIC (1 & 2) Recording and LINE-IN recording via PC.

Why doesn’t my microphone seem to work or record?
Can I use this audio adapter for audio production/recording?
Can I use the USB-AUDIO output as well as the default output jack at the same time?
It is plugged into my PC but I get no audio or I get sound out of my laptop speakers. 

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