Instalación de Potplayer en Windows 10


Getting an official Potplayer from

Codec - Potplayer will ask you to install codec during installation. But sometimes you can still choose 3rd party codec if you miss the step. You can download codec from There has Basic, Standard, Full codec for your option.


- La siguiente instalación se basa en Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

Paso 1 - Instale Potplayer como administrador.

Paso 2 - Choose Installer Language

Paso 3 - Inicia la instalación de PotPlayer.

Paso 4 - Seleccione Componentes para instalar.

Paso 5 - Elija Instalar ubicación.

Paso 6 - Instalación completa PotPlayer. And Install additional codec.

Paso 7 - Complete install PotPlayer.