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DriverGenius 4K2K HDMI Game Capture Device & Live Streaming (1080p@60fps, Metal, MIC Input,HD42K1)

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DriverGenius HD42K1 is a truly plug and play device that requires no driver installation and conforms to UVC standard. With 3rd party software such as OBS Studio, VLC, etc, it allows you to capture and live gaming videos from various game consoles to YouTube/Twitch, ZOOM, Skype / Facebook instantly.

The DriverGenius HD42K1 USB 3.0 Full HD Video Capture Device with HDMI 2.0a loopout, Audio & HDR10 to SDR Conversion provides a professional way to capture HDMI video signals. It adopts USB 3.0 interface, which can realize high-speed transmission. Besides, the HDMI input and loopout can support up to 4K2K@60.

With this device, users can connect to 4K2K@60 source and capture Full HD (1080p60) video. HD42K1 also uses large volume image buffer technology which effectively avoids the video tearing. The high sampling rate and high sampling accuracy assure images with high sharpness, rich details, and less color edges. Also, with HDR10 to SDR conversion, PS4/Xbox players can enjoy 4K HDR games on 4K TV and record the real-time 1080p video streams with SDR quality through USB 3.0 at the same time.


■ 4K@30fps Passthrough resolution and Ultra Low Latency.
■ Maximum input resolution: 4K@30fps
■ Maximum recording resolution:1080P@60fps
■ Microphone input, recording your voice commentary and video together
■ High compatibility and transmit data via USB 3.0
■ HDMI input & HDMI output (connecting large screen TV)
■ Plug and Play. Multi-platform supported.



■ Video Input & Output
    Input - HDMI2.0 (3840 x 2160(30/60p)
    Output - HDMI 2.0 (Pass-through 3840 x 2160 @60fps) x 1, HD1080p @60fps x 1
■ Max. captured video resolution - 1080p @60fps
■ Audio Input & Output
    Input - HDMI, Line In (TRRS cable), Headset (TRRS CTIA or OMTP)
    Output - HDMI, Headset (TRRS CTIA or OMTP)
■ Console party chat.
■ Recording video format - YUY2 (USB3.0), MJPG (USB2.0/3.0)
■ Supported APIs
    Windows - Directshow, Wave API, Direct Sound, WASPI
    Linux - V4L2, ALSA
    macOS - AVCaptureSession, AudioUnit
■ Dimensions: 117 x 72 x 15.5 mm
■ Weight: 168g

System Requirements

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7(sp1)
macOS 10.12 or above, Ubuntu 10.04 (x86 / x 64) or above
Desktop - Intel CoreTM i5-4440 3.10GHz + Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or higher
Laptop - Intel Core i7-4810MQ + Nvidia GeForce GTX 879M or higher
Mac - i5 quad-core or above
RAM - 4G RAM (8G suggested)
USB3.0 Port - at least 1 x USB3.0 (Type A)

Waning: This device is HDCP compliant, and will not capture copy protected video, such as Blu-rays or the video output of Mac computers. However, this device will capture video to Mac computers and will capture non-encrypted video.

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