DriverGenius 4XRS232 - PL2303GC USB to Full UART Bridge Controller with GPIO

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The DriverGenius 4XRS232 is with Prolific PL2303-GC chipset. The PL2303GC is a low cost and high performance USB-to-Serial Bridge Controller. The PL2303GC provides a convenient small-factor solution for connecting an RS232-like full-duplex asynchronous serial device to any USB host. Prolific provides highly compatible drivers that could simulate the traditional COM port on most operating systems allowing the existing applications based on COM port to easily migrate and be made USB ready. By taking advantage of USB bulk transfer mode and large data buffers, PL2303GC is capable of achieving higher throughput compared to traditional UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) ports. The flexible baud rate generator of PL2303GC also could be programmed to generate any rate between 1 bps to 12 Mbps.

PL2303-GC Source Download

■ PL2303GC Data Sheet

■ Driver -Windows Driver for Windows 11
■ Driver - Windows Vista/7/8.1/10 (32 & 64-bit) 
■ Driver - Windows 11 64-bit
■ Driver - Mac OS drivers
■ Driver - Linux Drivers
■ Driver - Android SDK

How to Make DriverGenius 4XRS232 Windows GPIO Test
■ How_to_Download 

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