AVCB01 - I Did Exactly What You Instructed, But Failed!

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I tried again after receiving your video. I did exactly what you did in the video. I also made a video which begins after uninstalling the driver and turning off the computer. I followed everything but in spite of everything I found only "ezcap". You will also find 2 photos of the connections that I tried while manipulating the video.Have you an other idea ?

Reply - Thanks for the picture. The Windows Device Manager indicated the Driver Installation was failed since there is a Yellow Mark on it. So have to re-install the driver only.

Step 1 - Unplug AVCB01 USB-Video-Grabber.
Step 2 - Uninstall the Driver clearly
Step 3 - Restart PC
Step 4 - Plug AVCB01 USB-Video-Grabber.
Step 5 - Check if the PC reads the USB-Video-Grabber.

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  • The driver and VHS to DVD 4.0 can be downloaded from the link – https://vtop.shop/pages/drivergenius-avcb01-driver-manual-download

    While as for more of the FAQ can be found – https://vtop.shop/pages/faq_drivergenius_avcb01_usb_video_grabber

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