AVC08 - Video Recorded Formats

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I have the usb 2.0 VHS to dvd capture device and am finding that it captures some as VLC files and some as TMS files. How do I convert the TMS files to VLC or is there a way to change settings so all the files are VLC types? TMS files will only play back through the arcsoft.

Part I - Background

1. The Arcsoftware converts and saves the files only MEG1 and MPEG2.
 - The recorded video formats can be changed manually at the "Saved format"

2. TMS file is the temporary file of Arcsoftware.

I am afraid of that you might have installed VLC. and associated all of the media files. So your computer's default media player is VLC. But the recoded video files' format is mpg. That's why TMS files can not be played by VLC since it's a temporary file of the Arcsoftware.

1. Adjust the saved format and locate the save path.
2. Please do not closse software after stopping recording - Giving enough time to let computer converting files to mpg format. 
3. Find the recorded file at save path.
4. VLC will play mpg files.

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