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DriverGenius USB-Serial Works with Tech2?

The Tech2 is a scanning device which is able to let you deep dive into the internals of the various systems in your vehicle. While generic scanners can show and decode error codes, the Tech2 has the ability to get into the details of the error. Also the Tech2 is able to set brand/type specific settings. The Tech2 is not a engine tuning tool but is able to give you good insights on the status of the car.

The Tech2 communicates using the following protocol properties.

Tech2 RS-232 Setting
Standard RS-232
Speed 115200 bit/s
Data bits 8 bits
Parity not set
Stop bits 1
Flow control no


## External power supply

Power supply Setting
Voltage 12 V
Current 1,5-3,0 A (battery cable is fused on 3,0 A)
Polarity (+) center
Plug Ø2,5×5,5 mm

Wiring diagram

Standard DB9 female connector to RJ45 male connector, or DB9 female to RJ45 female adapter with RJ45 TP Ethernet cable.

Internal wire colours refers to most adapters and moulded cables, but doesn't apply to RJ45 TP Ethernet cables.

The male RJ45 is numbered 8-1 when the lock tab is facing down.

The DB9 connector is marked 1 and 9 at the terminal surface.

The pin out in this image shows the RJ45 female and DB9 female numbers.

Tech2 RS-232 Setting
Standard RS-232

Serial cable pin out

DB9 female to RJ45 male

DB9 RJ45 Colour
1 2 Orange
2 4 Red
3 5 Green
4 8 White
5 7 Brown
6 1 Blue
7 3 Black
8 6 Yellow
9 NC n/a

Serial adapter pin out

DB9 female to RJ45 female

DB9 RJ45 Colour
1 7 Orange
2 5 Red
3 4 Green
4 1 White
5 2 Brown
6 8 Blue
7 6 Black
8 3 Yellow
9 NC n/a

Testing communication

In order to check the communication between de computer and the Tech2 the first thing to check is the RS-232 functionality on the Tech2 device. The Tech2 uses the RJ45 connector for the RS-232 serial out. The RS-232 functionality can be checked by using a special RJ45/RS-232 loop back plug.

RJ45 Serial self test pin out

Terminal Loopback terminal
1 3
2 7
4 5
6 8


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