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DriverGenius Bluetooth Receiver - Chromecast Audio Alternative

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With the new Bluetooth Audio Receiver, you don’t have to change your setup to wirelessly transmit music to your home stereo. The unit plugs into any standard wall outlet and contains one standard 3.5mm audio output that can be hooked into any auxiliary audio port, such as the one commonly found on the back of most stereo receivers (requires adapter for RCA). The device then acts as an A2DP Bluetooth audio sink, enabling you to stream audio from any Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet without a physical connection to your home stereo.

■ Allows any speaker or stereo system with an AUX input to receive Bluetooth wireless audio
■ Stream audio without a physical connection from your iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux device including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and many others
■ Works with home stereo systems, PC speakers, and A/V receivers
■ Plugs directly into an AC outlet so no external power adapter is required
■ Includes a 1A USB charging port that can power mobile devices when batteries run low

Make Any Speaker Wireless
Simply plug the Bluetooth Audio Receiver into a wall outlet and attach the 3.5mm audio cable to your favorite speaker to enable wireless streaming. Works with nearly any device with an AUX audio input including PC speakers, home stereo systems, and even A/V receivers. Will require an adapter for RCA inputs.

Stream Music with Bluetooth
Bluetooth wireless technology is a convenient way to stream music without a physical connection between devices. Just pair your mobile device or home computer to the Bluetooth Audio Receiver and stream music from your favorite music app or music library.

Compact and Self-Powered
With no external power supply, the Bluetooth Audio Receiver easily plugs into a standard wall outlet to reduce clutter and simplify cabling. The device itself takes up the same amount of space as a standard phone charger so there’s no need to worry about interference with other AC outlets.

Charges Mobile Devices
In addition to music streaming, the Bluetooth Audio Receiver also includes a 1A (5W) USB charging port. This port can power your mobile device when batteries run low, or power a USB speaker so no extra power adapter is needed.

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