Digitallife MIDI-A01 1-IN-1-OUT USB Type A Interfaced MIDI Cable (5Pin DIN, Black)

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MIDI Musical Essential & Programming Tool

- Easy to Transfer MIDI Signal from Music Instrument with MIDI Port

The USB 1X1 MIDI Interface is a complete USB-to-MIDI solution, equipped with a USB connection to your computer and a 1-in/1-out 16-channel MIDI connection to your MIDI devices.

The USB-MIDI Interface cable is the fastest and easiest way to connect your keyboard to your computer, allowing the instant transfer of MIDI data. Simply plug the USB side into youcomputer and the MIDI side into your keyboard and access a limitless array of programs, software, and MIDI devices that expand your musical creativity. You also have the ability to save and edit your songs in the computer.

Note: This MIDI USB cable contains a built-in drive, So no extra drive required.Just connect the MIDI USB cables to your computer via USB directly.


■ Easy to install with built-in driver; USB powered, no AC adapter needed.
■ 1 in + 1 out MIDI interface; 16 MIDI input channels & 16 MIDI output channels.
■ LED power indicator; MIDI in & out signal indicator; Supports: Windows and Mac.
■ Built-in USB cable and MIDI extension cables; Fast and stable MIDI data transmission.
■ Turn your PC into a music studio by connecting a music keyboard to your computer with the USB MIDI cable.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Digitallife MIDI-A01 1-IN-1-OUT USB Type A Interfaced MIDI Cable (5Pin DIN, Black).

Inventory Last Updated: Aug 03, 2021

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