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DriverGenius 3 x RCA Composite Audio / Video Cable

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The DriverGenius RCA Phono Auido Video Cable is widely used to Audio & Video Equipment including TV, Amplifiers, DVDs, and VCRs. DVD Players, home cinema systems, Video Capture Card, RCA to HDMI Converter. It connects any DVD, Blu-ray player, VCR & game console to receiver, home theater system, HDTV or projector with composite audio & video connectors


■ Home entertainment - DVD, Satellite Receiver, TV, Game Console etc.
■ Office application - Projector, Video signal converter etc.


■ RCA Composite and Left and Right Audio Phono Plugs cable ideal for audio and video signals
■ White and Red color connectors: Transfer Left and Right Audio signal
■ Yellow Color Connector: Transfer for Video signal
■ Suitable for all video products with RCA interface - RCA Converter, RCA HDMI Converter Box,AV Converter, TVs, projectors, VCRs, DVD players

| HD2R01 | R2HD01 | AVC05-V2 | VDC2018 | AVC03M-C-U | Stand-alone AV Grabber |

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