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AVC0X - Windows Copy-Right Protected Issue

I want to record my own personal VHS tapes. It shows copy right protected. How to solve it?

1. The USB Grabber Does Not Support copy any CopyRight Protected Media contents.
2. HDCP & Analogue Content Protection (ACP) Copyright protection cannot legally be bypassed, and We does not offer any products that do so.

1. Please make sure the VHS is private usage.
2. Download the CaptureMode.zip file from this link.

3. Unzip CaptureMode.zip to CaptureMode.ini

4. Copy and replace the file by unzipped CaptureMode.ini
       C:\Program Files\ArcSoft\TotalMedia ShowBiz\com.ArcSoft.CaptureModule\CaptureMode.ini

[Note: This is the default installation location. If you installed to specific location, please find it and replace accordingly.]

Note: This requires the administrator operation right.

Varify the Copy-Right issue is solved.
1. Connect USB Grabber
2. Re-Open ArcSoftware ShowBiz.
3. Re-open ArcSoftware ShowBiz to check if copy-right protected issue is solved?

  Videos for Solving Windows Copy-Right Protected Issue 

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