AVCB01 USB Video Grabber for Windows 10 & macOS Catalina (10.15.1)

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I received the upgrade today and tried to install it using the link on the box and I installed the driver successfully. However once the software is installed, when I open my applications there is a new file named “Empia Tech” but when I open the file it only gives me the option to uninstall and no option to open the application. Please see the images below.



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  • You are going to burn a Data Format DVD instead of DVD Disk. So just use 3rd party Burn software (such as UltraISO etc.)

    DriverGenius am
  • I downloaded the software and it has three tabs that say “Capture” “Edit” “Burn”. I am not interested in burning a CD I am interested in recording a digital MPG file. The last software had the correct tabs of “Capture” “Edit” “Produce” which allowed me to convert it to a MPG file.

    Is there something I am missing with this new software?

    I await your reply

    Guest am
  • Why my AVCB01 USB Video Grabber’s LED are dead?
    - The LED lights on only after the data is communicated.

    Refer to: https://vtop.shop/pages/drivergenius-avcb01-macos-why-my-avcb01-usb-video-grabbers-led-are-dead

    VTOP am
  • Hello,

    The AVCB01 USB-Video-Grabber on macOS Catalina is using QuickTime Player as Video Capture Application Software. The Folder you saw is the Driver info. So please:

    1. Connect AVCB01 USB-Video-Grabber on your macOS.
    2. Make Connections well.
    3. Run QuickTime Player

    If there is no signals or only Webcam from macBook. Please refer to: https://vtop.shop/pages/drivergenius-avcb01-usb-2-0-audio-video-capture-device-for-windows-10-macos-catalina-version-10-15-1

    Hope this will help you!

    VTOP am

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