AVC05-V2 With Magnétoscope Panasonic NV-SD45

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AVC05-V2 on Magnétoscope Panasonic NV-SD45 can not get Audio. And the OS is Windows 10. 

Solution: This is often caused by an incorrect setting in your windows sound mixer properties. You will need to set the default recording device to the "Line (USB VIDBOX FW Audio)".

Step 1 - Open Device Manager.

Step 2 - Video Device Settings
1. Audio Device: Line (USB VIDBOX FW Audio)
2. Video Processing Type: NTSC or PAL - According to your actual Video Standards.

3. Open "Video Settings" by clicking the Settings Button of the right side of "Video Device: USB2.0 VIDBOX FW". "Composite" video is suggested. S-Video requires additional R/L Stereo Audio Cable support.

4. Open Audio Properties by Clicking "Settings" of the right side of the "Audio Device: Line (USB VIDBOX FW Audio)". Check the "Pin Line Input Mix" and "Pin Line".

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