AVCB01 - QuickTime Player Can Not Access the Microphone

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I installed the driver you sent as an attachment. No, my VHS does not have a Scart. My VHS is an older Sony:

Line out RCA jacks:

And from the RCA jacks an extension cord to the Video Grabber. The white square is an adapter to accept standard USB plug. My new MacBook only has mini USB plugs:

Here is my computer system preferences showing that it reads the ezcap driver:

And here is my QuickTime player recognizing the ezcap video and microphone when selecting “New Movie Recording” from the file menu:

When I press the record button and play on the VHS, nothing happens. Through the whole process the two blue LED lights on the capture device are illuminated.

Thanks for any help.

Solution - The failure indication is "QuickTime Player can not access to the microphone"

Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone, unlock the preference pane by clicking the padlock symbol at the bottom left of the window and tick "QuickTime Player.app", which should be listed without a tick mark in its checkbox.

If QuickTime Player.app is missing, you should be able to reset all decisions you made for the various applications that asked for access to your Microphone by quitting System Preferences, opening Terminal (to be found in /Applications/Utilities/, or search via Spotlight) and running the following command:
tccutil reset Microphone
...then press enter.

It's noteworthy that this erases all of the apps that have already requested access, and depending on the logic of the app, they might not request access again. Use with caution.

This should clear all applications from the Microphone section and after launching QuickTime Player, it should ask for permission to the microphone all over again.

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